Eat and Drink

In this section we present a selection of our favorite eating and drinking spots. Most of them are in the neighborhood while others are easily accessible by public transportation. However, set aside these suggestions, we encourage you to explore the city and let yourself be charmed by its hidden corners and savor each flavor until you find your favorite one. Roma always holds unexpected surprises!

For dinner we recommend the restaurant Tre Quarti which is a six-minute walk from the Guesthouse. The atmosphere is very hospitable and the food quality high. In particular, we recommend an appetizer called “tre quarti” which are small, sourdough pizza bites that can be ordered plain or stuffed, homemade tonnarelli (square-cut egg spaghetti) or fettuccine as well as all the desserts. Their Danish meat is excellent and the fish is always fresh. Gluten free meals are also available.

Another interesting restaurant is Porto which is just around the corner. They serve different fish-wraps, salads, pasta with seafood and excellent fish & chips. Service is friendly and fast, and best of all, most dishes are around 10 Euro. We recommend Porto for both dinner and the aperitivo (the Italian happy hour).

For aperitivo, we recommend La Zanzara which is located on the way to the Vatican Museums. It offers a selection of appetizers and drinks, Roman specialties and other fresh options (foie gras hamburger bags…).

For sunday brunch, if you feel like taking a nice walk (approx. 20 min) you can go to Zoc, a very cozy and friendly place where they serve zero mile dishes, which means local, fresh and low impact primary ingredients that include meats, cheeses, grains and honeys. If you go there walking, we suggest you to stop at the Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo and you pass through Via Giulia, since it is considered one of the most beautiful streets of Rome. At the dawn of the fifteenth century, it was Pope Julius II, born Giuliano della Rovere and nicknamed “the Fearsome Pope” or “the Warrior Pope” who commissioned it to Bramante.

Brunch at Zoc’s is a fixed priced, mini four-course lunch (18 euro with drinks excluded). At the end of your meal, you may use Zoc’s bikes for free or continue your promenade downtown.

Enoteca Ferrara also offers a great brunch with entertainment for children (13-16). You can reach it by simply crossing the Ponte Sisto bridge at the end of Via Giulia. Often there are animators who organize workshops for children where they bake pizza cookies and pies (baby buffet: 15 €; adults buffet 25 € , drinks excluded). After lunch, we recommend a stroll through the lively streets of Trastevere.

If you are an early riser, we recommend a visit to the roman flea market: Porta Portese (which can be reached by bus route 23 for 9 stops from Via della Conciliazione, and then take the tram number 8 to Trastevere). After a light meal (there are several restaurants in the area – for example, take a look at Osteria Pistoia‘s menu or try the best rice balls in Rome at Alari, which is a cafeteria in the neighborhood) if you wish to discover the industrial past of Rome we recommend a walk through the Testaccio and Ostiense neighborhoods, where you can visit some of the factories which were productive until the mid-seventies of the twentieth century, such as the Macro, the gasometer or the ex-Purfina Marconi zone. Very close to this area there is a paradise for gluttons: Eataly, a pleasure island where you can buy and taste typical and very high quality Italian products.

If you feel sluggish and deserve a break along your way to the Macro, the market La Città dell’Altra Economia, is the ideal place for a relaxing rest. Needless to say that this deviation takes you on another trip into Italian food where everything is organic! (every Sunday next to Macro, for info 3337035270).

There is no doubt that one of the best ice cream parlors in town is Gracchi, where they serve top quality ice cream as defined by experts and it’s just a 5 minute walk from Sant’Angelo Guesthouse!

For pizza: In the area there are many good pizzerias but the point is: how do you like your pizza? Thick? Thin? Roman? Napolitan? Close to the guesthouse we recommend either La Pratolina famous for the “pinse” which are baked on lava stone and made with soughdough, which makes their pizza very digestible and crispy. For those who want to move from the area, the Gatta Mangiona is renown not only for their pizza but also for their excellent fried finger food.

Finally our favorites coffee shops! At five minutes away from the Guesthouse you will find Castroni where you can buy and taste, not only the coffee they produce, but also local and international gourmet foods. Two minutes from Castroni and 10 minutes from the Guesthouse there is Caffè Sciascia, famous since 1919 for its coffee served with chocolate in fine china cups.

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